I Ain't Ascared of Nutin'. the Evolution of Me.

I Ain
Name I Ain't Ascared of Nutin'. the Evolution of Me.
Author Kyndall Brown
Description Kyndall Brown is 11 years old and she attends Anne Beers Elementary School in Washington DC. A first place prize winner of the 2005 Washington DC Poetry Fest Slam Championship, Kyndall has performed her poetry on various stages and venues in the DC area. This book parallels her growth emotionally, spiritually and poetically as she began writing when she was eight years old and is now preparing to attend Junior High School. Her poetry moves in and around politics, religion, faith, self pride, love, pain and the realities of living in Washington DC. Her poem "I Saw What You Did" takes you to all these places and drops you off at the edge of despair in a few short verses of inner reflection. This book is filled with many poetic verses just like that. Read it. be proud. cry about loosing your best friend. shout about the unfairness of life. and then TAKE ACTION.
Publisher Buddafly Books
Language Not Available
Rating 0.0
ISBN 061514988X
Total Pages 64
Published Year 2007
Published Month 26
Published Day 6
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