High-Linearity RF Amplifier Design

High-Linearity RF Amplifier Design
Name High-Linearity RF Amplifier Design
Author Peter, B. Kenington
Description Based on the author's real-world design experience in this key emerging area, this comprehensive guide examines and compares all major RF power amplifier linearization techniques in detail. Featuring practical tips, more than 250 illustrations, and over 600 verified equations, the book seeks to save the reader valuable design time whilst helping them avoid costly design errors. It covers the modelling and measurement of amplifier non-linearity, and describes the main methods for overcoming non-linearity in a wide range of applications, including: base stations using feedforward and predistortion; mobile communications systems and handsets using RF or digital predistortion, cartesian loop, LINC and envelope elimination and restoration (EECR); and satellite systems.
Publisher Artech House Publishers
Language Not Available
Rating 5.0
ISBN 1580531431
Total Pages 556
Published Year 2000
Published Month 30
Published Day 9
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