God Game

God Game
Name God Game
Author Andrew M. Greeley
Description Andrew M. Greeley, the phenomenally popular novelist and priest, is best known -- and loved -- for his understated Catholic morality and compassionate understanding of human foibles. In The God Game, now available in a brand-new trade paperback edition, Father Greeley takes a new and fascinating twist on an old cliche: What if -- by using a sophisticated computer game with a healthy dose of heavenly intervention -- you really could play God? What if you actually had the power to control other people's lives?

This is the dilemma that faces our hero, who quickly finds that being given the kingdom, the power, and the glory is dangerous -- but addictive. The troubles of the people he sees flashing on his computer screen are all too real -- and his troubles are just beginning. . .
Publisher Forge Books
Language Not Available
Rating 3.74
ISBN 0312877501
Total Pages 304
Published Year 2000
Published Month 30
Published Day 9
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