Ghost Towns of Michigan: Volume 3

Ghost Towns of Michigan: Volume 3
Name Ghost Towns of Michigan: Volume 3
Author Larry Wakefield
Description Here is the third volume in the Ghost Towns of Michigan series, featuring 44 of Michigan's most fascinating ghost towns, along with numerous historic photographs. These are stories of land speculators, wildcat bankers, boom-and-bust lumber barons, pioneers who refused to give up, and small towns with big ideas that didn't quite pan out. Read about: Havre, which drowned in the rising waters of Lake Erie Eschol, a town that only existed on paper Armed conflict between Quakers and hunters of fugitive slaves at Calvin Center in 1847 The bizarre story of a minister-turned-murderer at Rattle RunThe Ghost Towns of Michigan series has become a beloved classic in Michigan's historical literature since the first volume was published in 1994. Engagingly written, with a wry sense of humor and a wealth of historical facts, these tales will inform and entertain anyone who enjoys regional history presented with a storyteller's touch.
Publisher Thunder Bay Press Michigan
Language Not Available
Rating 3.79
ISBN 1882376803
Total Pages 146
Published Year 2002
Published Month 6
Published Day 1
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