Gerard Majella: The Mothers' Saint

Gerard Majella: The Mothers
Name Gerard Majella: The Mothers' Saint
Author Redemptorists
Description Discover the mystery of St. Gerard. Born in 1726 in Muro, Italy, Gerard Majella lived a life of simple devotion. Overcoming weaknesses such as tuberculosis, Gerard served God as a gardener, sacristan, tailor, porter, cook, carpenter, and clerk. His enthusiasm--an inspiration to those around him--also serves to inspire us today. This four-color guide to his life tells about his relationship with God, his unyielding commitment, and the reasons why he is known today as "The Mothers' Saint."

Publisher Liguori Publications
Language Not Available
Rating 0.0
ISBN 0892437065
Total Pages 16
Published Year 1994
Published Month 1
Published Day 6
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