Gender and Sport: A Reader

Gender and Sport: A Reader
Name Gender and Sport: A Reader
Author S. Scranton
Description This reader contains a range of highly influential articles that confront and illuminate issues of gender and sport whilst reflecting on the contribution of international feminist scholarship to the study of sport. It addresses the key issues, theoretical debates and empirical research that have informed the study of gender and sport and continue to do so.

Key areas covered include:
* theories of gender and sport
* historical developments
* the media and representation
* 'race' and ethnicity
* men and masculinities
* sexualities
* bodies, physicality and power
* policies and politics.

The articles are divided into thematic sections, each of which is supported by an editorial introduction, suggestions for further reading, and seminar questions related to each reading. The book provides an invaluable learning and teaching resource for all those concerned with sport or gender studies.
Publisher Routledge
Language Not Available
Rating 4.0
ISBN 0415259533
Total Pages 328
Published Year 2001
Published Month 23
Published Day 12
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