Form and Fabric: Studies in Rome's Material Past in Honour of B R Hartley

Form and Fabric: Studies in Rome
Name Form and Fabric: Studies in Rome's Material Past in Honour of B R Hartley
Author Joanna Bird
Description Colleagues, friends and students pay tribute to Brian Hartley's contribution to Roman archaeology and particularly to samian studies with essays on: Stanwick and Melsonby ( L Fitts ); Tacitus on Agricola ( R H Martin ); Agricola and Roman Scotland ( G Maxwell ); Cameleon and Flavian troop-movements in southern Britain ( V G Swan & Paul T Bidwell ); The planning of forts and fortresses ( M Hassall ); The dating of town walls ( J Wacher ); William Stukeley's Caesarmagus ( R M J Isserlin ); Romano-British art and samian ( Martin Henig ); Three stamped decorated bowls from Gloucester ( F Wild ); The organization of the production of terra sigillata at La Graufesenque ( M Polak ); Un vase moule de Montans ( J-L Tilhard ); Lezoux - La Graufesenque et la Romanisation ( H Verlet ); An unusual decorated jar from Northamptonshire ( G Webster ); Zur Verwertbarkeit von Reliefsigillaten des 2. und 3. Jahrunderts ( I Huld-Zetsche ); A decorated samian dish from London ( J Bird ); Die Datierung der Rheinzaberner Reliefsigillata ( K Kortuem & A Mees ); Samian from the City of Lincoln ( M J Darling ); Expert systems in sigillata and numismatic studies ( G Rogers ); Un depot pre-flavien a Tongeren (Belgique) ( M Vanderhoeven ); The range and distribution of Romano-British stamped wares ( V Rigby ); Early Roman amphorae from Le Mans ( P Galliou ); Pottery production at Corbridge in the 1st century ( J N Dore ); Une moule d'applique de la collection Constancias ( C Bemont ); Second-century pottery derived from metal and samian prototypes ( J Webster & P Webster ); Hoards of Roman coins found in Britain ( A S Robertson ); Do brooches have ritual associations? ( G Simpson & B Blance ); A hoard of late Roman ironwork from Sibson ( W H Manning ); A sling from melandra? ( J P Wild ); Early occupations at St. Mary's Abbey, York: the evidence of the glass ( H E M Cool ).
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ISBN 190018835X
Total Pages 312
Published Year 1998
Published Month 1
Published Day 12
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