Force 10: USA vs. Militia

Force 10: USA vs. Militia
Name Force 10: USA vs. Militia
Author Ian Slater
Description In a new world order, old enemies are now allies, old weapons are obsolete, and the most powerful device in the world has just fallen into the wrong hands . . .

The White House and the NSA know Frank Hall can fix problems--whether they are two miles beneath the sea or buried within our own borders. A former Navy SEAL who has made a career of taking chances, Hall has been sent to Washington State on a mission that will start the minute he hits the streets.

Someone has hijacked one of America's most important military secrets. For Hall, finding out what happened to RONE-II (and to the genius who disappeared with it) means launching an all-out chase from the snowy Olympic Mountains to the storm-lashed Pacific Ocean.

In an age when international battle lines are blurred and old rules no longer apply, Hall and his team are ripping apart a deadly international conspiracy linking the United States Militia Corps to China and beyond--setting up the most terrifying endgame of all: the one America cannot win . . .
Publisher Ballantine Books
Language Not Available
Rating 3.62
ISBN 0449005585
Total Pages 384
Published Year 2000
Published Month 28
Published Day 11
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