For Seeing Eye Dogs Only

For Seeing Eye Dogs Only
Name For Seeing Eye Dogs Only
Author Robert S. Swiatek
Description For Seeing Eye Dogs Only is a humorous treatise on intelligence, or more precisely, the lack of it. It is meant to entertain, but also to instruct people so that they don't become part of the sequel. The words and actions of humans indicate that they should have used a bit more brainpower before proceeding. Intelligence deficiencies are everywhere we look. No one is exempt from questionable behavior, whether he or she is a religious, athlete, politician, rock star, judge or criminal trainee. It is the author's intent to spread laughter while keeping anonymous those whose intelligence is displayed here.
Publisher Aventine Press
Language Not Available
Rating 2.2
ISBN 1593302827
Total Pages 132
Published Year 2005
Published Month 1
Published Day 6
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