Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Applications

Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Applications
Name Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Applications
Author Dipankar Dasgupta
Description Evolutionary algorithms are general-purpose search procedures based on the mechanisms of natural selection and population genetics. They are appealing because they are simple, easy to interface, and easy to extend. This volume is concerned with applications of evolutionary algorithms and associated strategies in engineering. It will be useful for engineers, designers, developers, and researchers in any scientific discipline interested in the applications of evolutionary algorithms. The volume consists of five parts, each with four or five chapters. The topics are chosen to emphasize application areas in different fields of engineering. Each chapter can be used for self-study or as a reference by practitioners to help them apply evolutionary algorithms to problems in their engineering domains.
Publisher Springer
Language Not Available
Rating 3.0
ISBN 3540620214
Total Pages 558
Published Year 1997
Published Month 20
Published Day 5
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