Every Woman's Man

Every Woman
Name Every Woman's Man
Author Rique Johnson
Description Rique Johnson takes readers on an illuminating, passion-filled journey into the heart and mind of a single man who loves women to a fault—making him incapable of commitment.

To every woman, Devin Alexander is the ideal lover: sensivitve, sexy, considerate, and compassionate. There is just one problem—he is unable to commit to a lifetime soul mate. Follow this sensual, supremely successful man through his love affairs with three intelligent, passionate women. Sophia, Maggie, and Gabby are all irresistibly drawn to Devin, but soon come to realize that their main man cannot give his all to their respective relationships. What they don’t know is that buried in Devin’s past is a haunting secret that keeps him from completely giving his heart to one woman…Until a major crisis forces him to confront his inner devils and the emotional truth he has been hiding behind his entire adult life. Suddenly, for the first time, happiness and fulfillment are within his reach. Can Devin succeed in laying his demons to rest and give himself over to the love he so passionately craves?

Every Woman’s Man addresses today’s commitment issues with delicacy and grace. It is a humorous, deeply moving novel by a writer who understands the unique hopes and longings of modern men and women.
Publisher Strebor Books
Language Not Available
Rating 4.0
ISBN 1593090366
Total Pages 208
Published Year 2004
Published Month 2
Published Day 11
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