Enemy Fields

Enemy Fields
Name Enemy Fields
Author J. Marie Darden
Description Against the backdrop of Kentucky in the 1970s -- and against all odds -- a black woman and a white man find a love that transcends race, class, and condemnation.

J. Marie Darden's magnificent love story Enemy Fields is set in 1971 -- a time of war not just in Vietnam or the streets of Washington, but also in Bourbon County, Kentucky. When the Mandarenes, a wealthy white family, move into the deserted mansion across the field behind her house, Sister takes a job with them. She soon finds herself in the middle of a drama that will change the racial balance of her town by falling in love with Evian, the youngest son in the Mandarene family.

In haunting prose and beautiful images, Enemy Fields is a moving story full of insight into human hearts caught in the crossfire of one of the most volatile and violent periods of American history.
Publisher Strebor Books
Language Not Available
Rating 3.83
ISBN 1593090234
Total Pages 256
Published Year 2004
Published Month 31
Published Day 8
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