Diana: A Portrait in Her Own Words

Diana: A Portrait in Her Own Words
Name Diana: A Portrait in Her Own Words
Author Diana, Princess of Wales
Description In between her fairy-tale wedding and her premature death, there lived the most beloved royal presence of our century, surely as multifaceted as any celebrity of our time. The radical twists and turns in her brief life drew the fascination of millions. Yet the most photographed woman in the world was also the least quoted--her actual words were seldom heard, and never gathered, until now.

This unique book is the result of a scrupulous worldwide search for every one of Diana's significant quotes. Upon reading this collection, one will find that behind her shy veneer dwelled a woman of extraordinary resourcefulness, stamina, and, perhaps above all, vulnerability. In fact, her open frankness about the events and people around her is both disarming and startling. The reader will discover the sharp clarity, endless warmth, and ready wit that she brought to her legendary life in this intimate self-portrait. This is the closest we will ever get to an autobiography from the People's Princess.
Publisher William Morrow
Language Not Available
Rating 3.94
ISBN 068817003X
Total Pages 192
Published Year 1999
Published Month 18
Published Day 8
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