Dark Priestess

Dark Priestess
Name Dark Priestess
Author Juanita Coulson
Description She Craved A Mortal Love
Delicate, dark, touched by the divine gifts and earthy voluptuousness of Ishtar, goddess of love, her own fate swept her from obscure poverty to the golden palaces of power.

A Passion Beyond Time..
There she would find the proud young soldier, Captain of the Army, in whom she recognized her ardent destiny. There the Royal Governor, pledged to protect her, would covet her for his own and endanger her life... There the ominous clouds of treason and intrigue would gather to threaten both the future of the civilized world and a glorious passion meant to echo through the corridors of time.

A Searing Romance in Fabulously Wicked Babylon at the Dawn of History!
Publisher Ballantine Books
Language Not Available
Rating 3.5
ISBN 0345249585
Total Pages 444
Published Year 1977
Published Month 12
Published Day 11
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