Conan of the Red Brotherhood

Conan of the Red Brotherhood
Name Conan of the Red Brotherhood
Author Leonard Carpenter
Description Sailing under the grim skull-jack flag of the Red Brotherhood, Conan is the most feared pirate to prowl the Vilayet Sea, claiming as hi booty even Philiope, the beautiful black-haired daughter of a powerful nobleman. But in the domed imperial palace of Aghrapur, the decadent Emperor Yildiz and his corrupt allies plot the destruction of the powerful barbarian the know only as Amra the Lion.

As Conan carves a pirate empire with cutlass and dagger, the Turanian navy takes to the seas, aided by hellish sorcery of the darkest sort. Mighty ships manned by undead zombies, and a titanic monster summoned from the nether depths, are pitted against the deadly sword of one man...Conan of the Red Brotherhood
Publisher Tor Fantasy
Language Not Available
Rating 3.49
ISBN 0812514130
Total Pages 288
Published Year 1993
Published Month 15
Published Day 2
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