Community Resources for the Older Adult

Community Resources for the Older Adult
Name Community Resources for the Older Adult
Author Hogstel
Description COMMUNITY RESOURCES FOR THE OLDER ADULT is designed to provide practicing nurses with an accessible reference about care-related resources. The content addresses the changes in health care delivery for older adults and the reason for these changes, as well as details on how community resources can and must fill the gaps in service. The practical organization makes this a valuable reference for nurses in hospitals, clinics, outpatient surgery and treatment centers, and other agencies where older clients are served. Packaged in a three-ring binder, information can be easily customized to include state and local community resources.

Covers housing and transportation resources, including the rapid expansion of assisted living facilities and personal care homes. Provides resource lists that give addresses and telephone numbers of related national organizations. Offers Internet addresses with up-to-date, easily accessible information. Provides a separate chapter on church-based programs that includes eldercare information and the role of the church in meeting the needs of older adults. Includes extensive coverage of hospice services such as choosing and evaluating a hospice, eligibility criteria, methods of payment, palliative care versus curative care, and what to expect from members of a hospice team. Discusses food and nutrition concerns including nutrition screening and assessment, home-delivered meal program, food stamp programs, and food banks and emergency assistance pantries. Provides a chapter, Protective Services, with resources for elder maltreatment, ombudsman programs, guardianship laws, power of attorney designation, and financial assistance and protection information.
Publisher Mosby
Language Not Available
Rating 0.0
ISBN 0815144938
Total Pages 384
Published Year 1997
Published Month 1
Published Day 11
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