Code Blue - Emergency (Sector General, #7)

Code Blue -  Emergency (Sector General, #7)
Name Code Blue - Emergency (Sector General, #7)
Author James White
Description To the doctors and nurses of Sector General Hospital, Cha Thrat was just another trainee, but for Cha Thrat, life at Sector General was a most unnerving experience. Because her world had only recently been discovered by the Galactic Federation, she had never experienced the multiplicity of life-forms that populated Sector General—and no one knew what to expect of her.

Cha Thrat was a skilled healer, diligent, careful, and—according to her world's strict medical ethics— very responsible. Chief Psychologist O'Mara tried to help her adjust to her new life, but time after time, her best intentions caused only catastrophe. And even after she had been barred from nearly every ward in Sector General, O'Mara was still surprised by just how much havoc one nurse-trainee could cause...
Publisher Del Rey
Language eng
Rating 4.06
ISBN 0345341724
Total Pages 280
Published Year 1987
Published Month 12
Published Day 6
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