Close to the Wind

Close to the Wind
Name Close to the Wind
Author Jenna Holst
Description "Close to the Wind" tells the poignant story of a recently widowed woman whose life takes a new direction when she moves to a faraway land and discovers the healing power of love and adventure.

After the sudden death of her husband Roger, the realization that she will have to go on alone leaves Candice Fontaine numb. His insurmountable absence is the catalyst that causes her life to quickly disintegrate.

Even after seeking professional counseling, Candice can no longer continue her work as a commercial photographer in New York City. When her partner cuts her out of the business and she loses out on the lease to a new apartment, Candice decides to move from New York City to South Africa, her husband's homeland. While sorting through her husband's belongings before she leaves, Candice finds papers from a real estate agent listing a property that Roger was considering for the site of a bed and breakfast. She purchases the property in the quiet beach town of Rocky Bay on the Cape Coast and begins to travel around South Africa.

As Candice adjusts to the pace of life in a different culture, she discovers her own rhythm and begins to close the wounds caused by her husband's untimely passing. "Close to the Wind" tells the tale of one woman's personal journey as she finds the courage to love again.
Publisher iUniverse
Language Not Available
Rating 4.33
ISBN 0595405428
Total Pages 148
Published Year 2006
Published Month 1
Published Day 12
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