Child of Polygamy

Child of Polygamy
Name Child of Polygamy
Author Kosi J. Avotri
Description This book is a novel about the childhood of the last-born daughter of a father who had two wives and twelve children. The girl spent her early life (birth to 11 years) in her maternal grandfather's home where she experienced the rural African life in relative peace while learning the traditional culture and religion by observing events in her grandfather's life. As a result of her mother's illness the young girl spent the next four years in her father's house with her stepmother and stepsiblings. During this period she experienced a lot of conflict with her oldest half sister and endured significant isolation and humiliation as a result of her "evil" half sister's hatred for the young girl's mother.
Publisher Authorhouse
Language Not Available
Rating 3.0
ISBN 1420873067
Total Pages 248
Published Year 2005
Published Month 1
Published Day 8
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