Bring the Feast: Songs from the Re-Imagining Community

Bring the Feast: Songs from the Re-Imagining Community
Name Bring the Feast: Songs from the Re-Imagining Community
Author The Pilgrim Press
Description "Bring the Feast" is a collection of 47 songs gathered by the Re-Imagining Community, a group that grew out of the acclaimed Re-Imagining Conference held in Minneapolis in 1993. In the spirit of that global, ecumenical event, "Bring The Feast" presents songs commissioned within the community and its conferences since 1993 in addition to songs that have become well known at these gatherings. It also includes new works composed for the collection. This songbook lifts up the work of women writers in particular, although not exclusively. It contains rich imagery to serve the Christian community in experiencing and integrating the voice of the feminine, Divine and incarnated.The fact that "Bring the Feast" has origins in a distinct community does not limit its accessibility or inclusiveness. The song texts lend themselves to a variety of gatherings with images of hope and justice, healing, and celebration of God's creation. All who plan music for worship and celebrative gatherings, whether in a local church, home gatherings, or conference, will find this book a useful resource rich in new sounds and images to celebrate life in the spirit of Christ. The texts are set both with music and in poem form for further reflection.
Publisher Pilgrim Press
Language Not Available
Rating 0.0
ISBN 0829812547
Total Pages 144
Published Year 1998
Published Month 1
Published Day 4
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