Beyond the Shining Mountains

Beyond the Shining Mountains
Name Beyond the Shining Mountains
Author Doris Shannon
Description "Historical mileposts, works of art and literature richly studded the year of 1812." It was in 1812 that the army of Napoleon Banapoarte entered Moscow in triumph. It was in 1812 that the United States purchased Louisiana and declared war on Britain. And it was in 1812 that Laurie Woodbyne, son of an English aristocrat, married for money. Esmeralda is a passionate wife, but suddenly things go sour, and Laurie wants to know why. When he discovers his wife's strange secret, he heads toward the frontier territory know as le pays sauvage...

Rowan Malone is a beautiful, dark-haired half-breed, and 1812 found her being raised by the Sisters of St. Claire. When her innocence is torn from her by three drunken boys, she too heads for the Shining Mountains to the west. But the land of her mother's people is many hard miles away, and the voyageurs who agree to make the trip look at her with hungry eyes...

When Laurie hears Rowan's screams from the woods, their journey has only begun. It is a journey between two continents, into a wilderness which challenges them to survive. It is a journey between men and women and the desire that makes them lovers or enemies.

BEYOND THE SHINING MOUNTAINS is an epic of survival in the majestic Pacific Northwest; a spellbinding story of the forces that move mountains and men.
Publisher Fawcett
Language Not Available
Rating 4.09
ISBN 0449243060
Total Pages 416
Published Year 1980
Published Month 12
Published Day 7
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