Beg For Mercy (Mercy Hollings #1)

Beg For Mercy (Mercy Hollings #1)
Name Beg For Mercy (Mercy Hollings #1)
Author Toni Andrews
Description I've never been certain I'm human

Oh, the X-rays and blood tests are normal, and mostpeople have no reason to suspect I'm more than Iappear to be. But if I tell you to do something? Youdo it—no ifs, ands or buts.

I call my power the 'press.'

My name is Mercy Hollings, and if you think thathaving the power to control people makes my lifeeasy, you're dead wrong.

Because when I get angry, everyone around me is atrisk—Sukey, my friend who has frightening taste inmen; my clients, who, ironically, come to me for help;my neighbors, who regard me as a loner; and Sam, aman who wants to know my darkest secret.

I have hurt people in the past, and I don't want thatto happen again. But now a powerful stranger is threatening the new life that I've made for myself.

And I'm afraid my anger is taking over.
Publisher MIRA
Language eng
Rating 3.48
ISBN 077832365X
Total Pages 320
Published Year 2007
Published Month 28
Published Day 8
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