Barely Decent

Barely Decent
Name Barely Decent
Author Jennifer LaBrecque
Description SEVEN DAYS OF SUN, SAND...
Phoebe Matthews plans for everything. And now that she has the job of her dreams, she's ready to check the next thing off her list matrimony. Only, her boyfriend isn't exactly rushing to propose. So she plans to get him inspired by arranging a romantic Caribbean holiday. And of course, her best friend, Ryan, and his girlfriend will want to come along, too....
Ryan Palmer doesn't think Phoebe planned for this.... No sooner do they hit the beach than their "other halves" fall instantly in lust with each other! Worse, the sensual rhythm of the island soon seduces Ryan and Phoebe into discovering that best friends make incredible lovers. Phoebe's solution? To give in to temptation and get this sex stuff out of their systems for good. And Ryan can only hope that this plan works as well as her first one...
Publisher Harlequin
Language eng
Rating 3.64
ISBN 0373691041
Total Pages 224
Published Year 2002
Published Month 25
Published Day 10
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