Autobiography in Words

Autobiography in Words
Name Autobiography in Words
Author Susan Noel
Description Poetry/Fiction. AUTOBIOGRAPHY IN WORDS, while deeply influenced, both structurally and emotionally, by writers like Nietzsche, Cioran, and Wittgenstein, shifts the terrain of philosophical inquiry from purity and high culture to the impersonal subjective and a sort of shattered self-reference. The author describes it as pseudo-aphoristic paragraphs and confessional poetry which confesses nothing: But I'd want to watch. Attend my own funeral. After arranging the music and the order of speakers, I would go last. This limited edition also includes drawings by New York artist Mette Madsen. Susan Noel lives in New York and Pittsburgh.
Publisher Cuz Editions
Language Not Available
Rating 3.5
ISBN 0966632818
Total Pages 32
Published Year 1998
Published Month 1
Published Day 1
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